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On Tuesday we went to a high school that had a mars mission base. My favourite thing to do there was do mission control. The one on the Earth and the other group is up stars and you tell the information back down stars. We also built a robot.

Session 3 Ray’s Olympics



Today my role was discussion director. Discussion Director is a role that overtakes all the roll together Discussion Director is the leader of all of them.

Session 3

I predict that they will go to his house and talk to his parents tell them “we need to go to Melbourne please” because he wants to see the Olympics In Melbourne. Ray’s friends were very excited because he started up to the bullies.

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A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same way, but spelled a different way. I’ll give you a couple of examples in the list below.

See, sea

leach, leech

who’s, whose

tough, tuff

We, wee

tide, tied

Rap, wrap

hail, hale

foul, fowl

loot, lute

wet, whet

none, nun

shoe, shoo

mail, male

grisly, grizzly

Be, bee

scull, skull

die, dye

eyy, I

road, rode

base, bass


Monty SC

What went well?
My favourite activity was playing cops and robbers. My Favourite was being a cop. Now at Monty I explored what leadership means. Now I know what it means and I hope I’ll be a leader one day.
One day I might  go to that school, it will help when I go to my high school.

What  was your favourite activity?


I want to save a goat, loins, jerman shepherd , seal, cow.

I like to save a goat because it is very talented and taste plus they can run really fast and very long.

I’ll choose a loin because a loin can hunt fast and kill fast and also it to protect me.

And a jerman shepherd because they can be very big and make the a ermine go away.

A seal because it look under water and tell you if there is no action.

A cow because they make you happy with food and drink.